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MM SOD-BEN is a premium grade non treated bentonite used as viscosifier and fluid loss reducer
in most water -base drilling fluids. It meets API 13A section 10 Specifications.

Typical Properties

Appearance : Light tan powder
Moisture : min 12% weight
Residue (>75 mic) : 2,5% weight
Viscometer ( at 600pm) : min 32cP
Dispersed Plastic Viscosity : min 10
Yield/Plastic viscosity ratio : max 1,5
Dispersed Filtrate Volume : max12,5 cm3
Ph after aging : max 9

Features and Benefits

MM SOD-BEN is used as a primary filter cake building filtration control and suspension agent in
fresh water systems and has application in most water-base fluid systems.
MM SOD-BEN provides thin, impermeable and compressible filter cake in the wellbore.
MM SOD-BEN is a cost effective product for achieving viscosity.


MM SOD-BEN is used to increase viscosity and reduce fluid loss in fresh and sea water base
drilling fluids.


The additives in the treated bentonite dissolve under high temperature and pressure and cause the
well to be clogged and various drilling mud problems
Furthermore, since water loss is high in treated bentonite, this increases the use of various
chemicals and this makes it dissicult to control drilling mud.
Sodium bentonite being non treated and natural, having high viscosity having low water loss
minimize the use of these chemicals and therefore this reduces the cost of drillings mud.


Normal treatment levels range from 5 to 25 Ib/bbl (14-70 kg/m3). The concentration will vary
depending on the fluid composition as well as desired viscosity and suspension characteristics.
MM SOD-BEN is added slowly and uniformly through the mud hopper.


MM SOD-BEN is supplied in 50 kg (100 lb) multi-wall paper sacks or in 1 MT big-bag.